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Welcome to Jenni's Learning and Educational Support Resource

"TEACHER SAYS" is site dedicated to providing professional information and resources to those concerned with the development of young people, particularly those requiring educational and learning support. The site is suitable for students and parents as well as teaching professionals. The information is provided by a practising teacher (Jenni) with many years experience of learning support (with emphasis on mathematics and literacy), and the foundation skills required to effectively progress pupils through Key Stage 3 (years 7 to 9, approximate ages 11 - 14).

Teacher Says provides carefully selected detailed information, exercises and reviews to assist both teachers and parents in the following core areas and targets:

Learning Support
  • To provide teaching and support programmes tailored to the needs of pupils with learning, social and behavioural difficulties.
  • To reduce disruptive incidents in school by individual support.
  • To address behavioural problems of pupils and assist where necessary their re-integration into mainstream classes.
  • To raise self-esteem, confidence and awareness of others.
Emotionally Secure Schools

The objective is the creation of an emotionally secure culture for all school members. This environment comprises:

  • Fairness and consistency
  • Anxiety support
  • Shared aims and values
  • Effective communication
  • Working to prevent bullying, violence, intimidation, hostility and shouting
  • To develop number skills
  • Expanding logic and connections capacity
  • Relating maths to everyday life
  • To improve spatial and graphical recognition
  • To identify difficult concepts
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Learning Support
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